Heritage Grounds

Weed Control Information Guide

When to control weeds

Weeds damage and restrict plant growth during the growing season especially during the summer months.

The first control should take place as soon as the soft growth phase begins which is mid to late spring. Further control can then take place as required up until the end of October.

Chemical weed control

The most effective way to control weed growth. Herbicides are readily available to effectively control all weed species.


Small bed and borders can be cultivated by using a hoe which physically cuts off the weeds below ground level, leaving the leaves and stems to rot or desiccate. This however is a disadvantage as some weed species actually multiply faster after this treatment and it can also reveal previously dormant seed banks.


This is an effective method of control which works by supressing the weed growth by not allowing light onto the surface of the soil and therefore preventing germination of new weed seeds. Bark, composted woodchip, straw, gravel and peat are used for mulching. For maximum effect, any existing weeds need to be eradicated before the mulch is laid.

Our service

Heritage Grounds Services have qualified professional weed control specialists that can offer efficient, guaranteed treatments for all situations.

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Lauren McNeil - Horticultural Consultant