In our opinion it is far better to have a garden full of plants that will establish and thrive to their full potential rather than a group of plants that simply survive and give an average show.

Soil Types Explained

Identifying and understanding your soil type will help you to find the best plants for your garden.

Clay soils

  • High in nutrients
  • Heavy, wet and cold during the winter months
  • Hard and dry during the summer
  • Hold water and drain slowly
  • Easily compacted and can suffer drainage problems

Sandy soils

  • Low in nutrients
  • Light, dry and warm
  • Often very acidic
  • Dries out quickly and requires a lot of watering

Chalky or lime-rich soils

  • Can be light or heavy
  • May contain lumps of chalk or limestone
  • Often very alkaline
  • Contain calcium carbonate or lime

Silt soils

  • Fertile
  • Light and retain moisture
  • Easily compacted
  • Well drained


  • Mixtures of clay, sand and silt soils that avoid the extremes of each type
  • Fertile
  • Well drained
  • Easily worked

Peat soils

  • High in organic matter
  • Holds moisture
  • Very fertile