Automatic Irrigation Systems


Irrigation systems are becoming a vital accessory for gardens in the UK. With summer temperatures rising, the need to water our plants, shrubs and trees is becoming an essential part of summer gardening.

All our irrigation systems are designed and built in house by our team of irrigation specialists led by Paul who has been designing and building automatic irrigation systems for over 15 years.

Using the most up to date tools, machinery and materials, combined with the best people in the business, Heritage Grounds offers fully automatic irrigation systems that will transform your garden.

Unlock your garden’s full potential with consistent watering, giving plants the confidence to grow and thrive!

Why irrigation is better that a hose pipe!

When you pull the hose out you are wasting litres of water! Most of the water will simply run off the hard and dry soil and only a very small proportion will make it to the root system. With a drip line irrigation pipe installed into your flower beds working from a timer the plants will be watered little and often, keeping the soil moisture level consistent with what a plant needs to grow to its full potential.

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With the right care and attention any garden maintained by Heritage Grounds Services, even with a modest budget, will prove a benefit for customers. We want our gardens to make a real difference, a private retreat or oasis, a vista of beauty for relaxing, entertaining or simply for standing back and admiring.

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