As a third generation horticulturalist, business founder Ben Jones was inevitably going to be at his happiest on the greenfront-line, whether in the worst of the winter weather or on a blazing July day. His passion for plants and planting and his specialist knowledge in how to get the best out of every garden is transmitted to an equally committed team.

At the heart of the Heritage Grounds philosophy is a process that listens to the client, whether a homeowner with a gorgeous half-acre cottage garden, or the company headquarters with 10-acre grounds.

A Heritage Grounds Property Profile Plan is produced after an initial client meeting. It details the aims and needs of the garden and how this will be best achieved. It is divided into three sections: Assessment, Maintenance & Care and Review.

For example, the assessment could include a full soil analysis of lawns and borders (soil pH and nutrients’ level), detail of areas requiring extra work, or a report on feeding, damage or disease in the garden. This allows Heritage Ground to generate a maintenance plan that addresses every need of the garden and sets out a blueprint to cover on-going upkeep.

The final stage is for regular reviews to keep clients informed every step of the way.

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